Getting braces or orthodontic treatment will obviously be a big change for you and your body. Some mild discomfort may be present at the start of your treatment. Our orthodontist, Dr. Heister Linn, understands that people with braces often experience some irritation. If discomfort is a concern to you, we invite you to talk with Dr. Linn about what you can expect and how you can address orthodontic tenderness and soreness in Williamsport, Wellsboro and Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

It is normal to feel some soreness in your teeth or mouth when you start wearing braces or begin any orthodontic treatment. You may also experience some irritation in your cheeks, lips or your tongue as your body adjusts to the treatment. Sticking with softer foods for the first few days after your you have your braces placed can help with the transition. We will also provide you with dental wax that you can use to cover your brackets or wires to lessen any irritation you may feel. You can also talk to us about which over-the-counter or topical pain reliever will work best for you. However, if the pain increases, changes or persists, contact one of our Linn Orthodontics offices and make an appointment to see our orthodontist.